Should I Buy Or Lease A New Dodge Vehicle in Winter Haven?

Making the decision to lease or buy a Dodge vehicle at Dodge Chrysler Jeep of Winter Haven is something to consider carefully and thoughtfully. As your trusted Dodge dealer serving Lakeland, FL, we are dedicated to a sales approach that is not only caring and thoughtful but fun as well! Suffice to say, you've come to the right place. The sales team and the fine folks in the car finance department will work with you to find the perfect vehicle and help you make the best, most well-informed decisions possible. That's our commitment to you!

When You Should Lease

There are a number of good reasons to lease a Dodge vehicle at Dodge Chrysler Jeep of Winter Haven and perhaps the biggest one is avoiding new car depreciation. In the first year of ownership, new vehicles experience depreciation at a faster rate than subsequent years and by leasing you mitigate the effects. Leasing a vehicle does mean that you don't have equity in the vehicle to sell it but it does give you the freedom to simply give the vehicle back at the end of your lease term. This cuts out the hassle of selling and you also aren't responsible with mechanical problems (besides those resulting from an accident in which you're at fault) - the dealership handles it all for you! This is a great option for people who like to get a new vehicle every couple years, don't put a lot of annual miles on their vehicle, or simply prefer the convenience and decreased financial investment that comes without ownership.

When You Should Buy

Buying a Dodge vehicle is certainly a great option if you're seeking to build equity and plan to have your vehicle for a long time. We have plenty of customers who pick out a fabulous vehicle like the 2017 Dodge Durango and love the idea of owning it as a long term investment. Whenever they decide to sell the vehicle they've built equity that they can realize. People who put a lot of annual miles on their vehicle and like the freedom that comes with owning a car outright are prime candidates for purchasing rather than leasing. There are no mileage limitations, rules again customization, or anything else to hold you back!

Financing a Dodge Vehicle at Our Dealership

Dodge Chrysler Jeep of Winter Haven is here to serve all your automotive needs and help you make the smartest, most well-informed decisions for your unique situation. Stop by our Dodge dealership near Plant City, FL, convenient located at 299 Cypress Gardens Blvd in Winter Haven, FL. Let us help you realize your new car dream!

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