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Exterior shot of the 2022 Dodge Challenger

The 2022 Dodge Challenger Might be the Safest Choice of Vehicle for Your Family this Year

What are the Safety Features of the 2022 Dodge Challenger? 

The Dodge Challenger is one of the most iconic muscle cars in the automotive industry and an American favorite. With several engine options and a monstrous horsepower pushing the Challenger through, you get a beast on the road that satiates the thrill-seeker in you. And to top it all, it is not just a power machine but also one that caters to your safety while on the road. Interested in finding out more about the safety features of the 2022 Dodge Challenger? Read this blog entry by Dodge CDJR of Winter Haven to know more. 

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Two 2021 Dodge Challenger cars driving on road

2021 Dodge Challenger offers 5 powerful engine options that deliver insane amounts of horsepower and torque

2021 Dodge Challenger Engine Options 

If you are looking for a powerful new car that can deliver the horsepower and torque you need to have fun on the road, you’ve just found the perfect vehicle for the job. The new 2021 Dodge Challenger is a powerful muscle car that offers an incredible driving experience. With five available engine options to choose from when buying a new 2021 Dodge Challenger, you’ll be able to get the horsepower and torque ratings you’ve always dreamed of having on the road. 

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2021 Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak side profile

Powerful engine specs help make the 2021 Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak one-of-a-kind

2021 Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak Engine Specs 

When it comes to power and performance, the Dodge Challenger has been giving drivers what they’ve wanted for decades. As one of the most famous muscle cars ever designed and built, the Dodge Challenger has been a dream car for serious drivers who are looking for incredible horsepower and torque ratings and unmatched performance. The latest Dodge Challenger model represents the fourth generation of drag strip domination and has been specifically designed and built to be track ready. The 2021 Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak is engineered to give grassroots drag racers competing in NHRA and NMCA sportsman classes the power they need to compete and take their skills to the next level. 

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Three 2020 Dodge Challenger cars parked by each other

2020 Dodge Challenger is available in 12 exterior paint color options

2020 Dodge Challenger Color Options 

The times of the famous muscle cars have returned, and you can see it for yourself when checking out the new 2020 Dodge Challenger. The 2020 Dodge Challenger is a powerful new two-door coupe that offers incredible power and performance on the road thanks to many available engine options. With twelve available paint color options to choose from, you’ll be able to get the stylish looks you want in your new sports car when choosing the 2020 Dodge Challenger. 

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Three 2020 Dodge Challenger cars driving on a road

2020 Dodge Challenger offers a long list of performance features and five engine options

2020 Dodge Challenger Performance Features 

The new 2020 Dodge Challenger continues a legacy of delivering an adrenaline-filled drive and classic muscle car looks. If you want to drive a new sports car that can give you a driving experience like no other vehicle on the road, the 2020 Dodge Challenger is a perfect choice. With five available engine options to choose from and a long list of performance features, you’ll find everything you’re looking for when buying a new 2020 Dodge Challenger. 

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Front view of a white 2019 Dodge Challenger driving on an open race track

What are the Engine Options in the 2019 Dodge Challenger?

The Challenger is known for being one of the strongest and fastest sports cars in the market. This monster of a car accelerates so fast that professional racers often consider driving one of these to use on the track. Thus, the 2019 Dodge Challenger makes for a fantastic ride for any speed enthusiast. To cover where the power comes from, we will review each of the available engines on the 2019 Dodge Challenger. Read the rest of this entry >>